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Content Authors

I write copy. But I hate writing
the same thing over and over again.

And when my content gets translated into other languages, the translators don’t have the benefit of knowing my subject matter like I do...

...and the messaging tends to wander away from what I intended.

I’m a reasonable person, but I want a lot of things:

I want a consistent process to submit content for translation and to ensure we are not translating the same thing more than once.

I want a centralized terminology glossary, style guide, and repository of previously translated language to reference to make my job easier.

And when I do have to make revisions to something a translator created, I want those edits captured for posterity so I don’t have to make the same corrections again.

Quality, consistency, and effectiveness are king.

Give me one dashboard to manage all of our translation efforts
in real time and I will be a happy camper.