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I Want Multilingual
Mobile Apps & Sites

Do customers visit your site on mobile devices?

Is your content responsive?

Do you want it to stay that way in other languages?

Does your team have testing and QA resources in place?

Which describes you best?

I want to be
as hands off as possible.

My IT team is swamped.

I need to go live as quickly as possible to beat the competition.

My mobile site changes and I need the updates monitored.

I need a turnkey solution that includes testing on different operating systems and browsers.

I need something that
integrates with my back-end systems.

I'm tired of exporting and copying/pasting translated content.

Stuff I get back from translators never fits my mobile site design.

I need to support a lot of customization in my target-market mobile sites.

I need a platform where my post-testing edits can be captured and stored.

We work with multiple resources and I want a single way to manage them all.