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The world’s friendliest integration tool for multilingual content

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Let’s say

you’ve got your websites up and running, and they’re built in a CMS you like and/or using an e-commerce platform that works well.

Now it’s time

to expand to new languages
and target sales in international markets.

Your first instinct might be to do this
the old-fashioned way.

Even though you’re pretty busy and you don’t have the money or interest to hire a whole new internal staff of file pushers and mouse clickers

...but you still want some level of control
over your content and the translation process.

How can you pull this off?

GlobalLink Connect is your answer.

Simplify the process of
launching and maintaining
global websites.

GlobalLink Connect serves as a bridge between your back-end systems and Translations.com’s industry-leading translation services, allowing you to use the full functionality of your CMS, DMS, e-commerce, PIM, and database platforms to manage multilingual content.

You can eliminate manual file export, cutting, and pasting

...and new translation requests can be initiated with as little as a single click.

No other tool integrates with as many platforms as GlobalLink Connect.

( It’s not even close. )

Key Advantages of GlobalLink Connect:

  • Pre-built integrations with most leading platforms
  • Secure, cloud-based system
  • Simple implementation
  • Automated content submission workflows
  • Web-based review platform
  • Automated re-integration of translated content into your back-end systems

Supported Platforms Include:

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Don’t see
your system listed?

Don’t sweat it—we’re building new integrations all the time, and our flexible API enables custom connectors for less common or proprietary systems

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Looking to be
even more hands-off?

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Any system.  Any requirement.  Any language.

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