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A multi-vendor approach to translation management

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Your organization has massive translation requirements. Maybe you’re a major multinational, or maybe you intend to be one soon.

Either way, you

are responsible for making sure that all of the moving parts stay moving, and that all of the stakeholders are happy.

Except there are a few challenges you need to overcome:

  • 1
    Market managers and reps want flexibility to choose translation resources
  • 2
    Business units and departments want customizable processes for their requirements
  • 3
    IT wants simple integrations, easy deployments, and no technical headaches
  • 4
    Procurement wants cheaper costs and clear reporting
  • 5
    Management wants results, plain and simple

And it’s your job to make sure all of these groups get what they want.

GlobalLink Enterprise makes it all happen.

Built from the ground up to support a multi-vendor, multi-national approach to translation management, GlobalLink Enterprise lets you pick your translators, combine multiple vendors and internal linguistic resources, customize your workflows, integrate with back-end systems, and automate manual processes associated with launching and maintaining global content—both online and offline. And since everything is managed from your central workflow platform, your organization will enjoy complete transparency into all of your translation efforts.

  • Pick Your Translators
  • Combine Multiple Vendors & Internal Resources
  • Customize Your Workflows
  • Integrate with Back-End Systems
  • Automate Manual Processes

Ask any translation program manager,
and you’ll probably find out that their goals tend to be similar:

I want to lower my
translation costs

Lower Costs

GlobalLink Enterprise provides central, server-based translation memory (TM), which means that any translation resource has real-time access to all of your previously translated content. You will benefit from lower costs and increased language consistency, all of which expedites time to market and increases the effectiveness of your live content and external branding.

And since centrally managed, server-based TM is more effective than having individual translators or vendors maintain their own versions, it can increase your cost savings significantly. Your company's TM is your intellectual property, and GlobalLink Enterprise puts YOU in control of it.

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I want to streamline my internal processes for maximum efficiency

Maximum Efficiency

GlobalLink Enterprise offers custom workflow configuration options to meet any business requirement. Reduce manual efforts related to project management, tracking, submission, and retrieval. Simplify processes that normally take hours into a single mouse click. Or set up content to be automatically sent out for translation from CMS, e-commerce, and PIM systems using GlobalLink Connect capabilities.

GlobalLink Enterprise allows for simple workflow configuration at the business user level, so individuals can set their own processes to drive maximum efficiencies. And integration with our web-based review platform can shorten internal content validation cycles from weeks to days, or days to hours. Reviewers can even preview files like InDesign, HTML , XML, and others in context to drive even more efficiencies and reduce back and forth with translation resources.

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I want to know everything about any translation efforts happening in my company


GlobalLink Enterprise comes with dozens of ready-to-use reporting options that can show real-time views into translation spend, performance against SLAs, budget allocation, vendor performance, TM savings, and more. And if your specific requirements aren’t covered with the existing reports, GlobalLink Enterprise also gives you the flexibility to customize your own reports based on criteria you choose.

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GlobalLink Enterprise


Use any translation resource, internal or external, and track metrics and performance on each in a single location.


Increase TM savings, track estimates and costs.


Set workflows, permissions, reports, and a number of other attributes based on data points and preferences you specify.


With a terminology management module and server-based TM, content remains consistent and on-brand.


Expedite timelines with increased TM leverage, minimized manual project management, and shortened review cycles.


Simple and flexible implementation options (cloud-based or installed) and minimal training requirements make company-wide adoption easy.

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