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Website Translation. Simplified.

Your company has BIG plans

and your international profile (or at least your level of aspirations) is rising.

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Potential customers can be anywhere.
Localizing your website is an idea that HAS potential.

As you’ve started planning,
maybe you’ve realized that there are several things you DON’T HAVE.



You needed to be live yesterday.



Everyone is busy with other projects and priorities.



You neither have the IT resources nor the desire to manage integration with your systems.

If this is your first multilingual site launch,
you may feel a little lost.

And if you’ve done this before,
then you know about some of the hassles you’re likely to encounter.

Fast – Easy – Secure

Many of the world's biggest brands entrust their multilingual websites to GlobalLink OneLink technology because of the many benefits it represents, including:

  • Rapid implementation — launch global websites in as little as 30 days
  • Nothing to install, nothing to integrate (that applause you hear is coming from your IT team)
  • No source files required
  • Synchronized content in all languages with automated change detection to keep sites up to date
  • No project management or development costs (the applause just got louder since your web developers just joined in)
  • Simple validation and testing with our in-context review platform
  • Never pay for the same translation twice
  • Meet any IT requirement with either cloud-based or on-premise deployment options
  • Maintain the highest level of customer data security thanks to PCI DSS certification

And since GlobalLink OneLink is part of the modular GlobalLink platform, you have the unique ability to migrate or adapt your solutions if your needs change down the line. No one else can offer that level of flexibility and future-minded preparedness in managing your global content.

See it.  Translate it.

One of the biggest challenges in delivering high-quality translations for online content is the lack of visual context for linguists and reviewers.  OneLink’s integrated On-Page Editor module allows translators to see all of their work in-context and in real time, which ensures that your translations will be on-brand and deliver the greatest possible customer experience.  And since On-Page Editor is available for client use as well, it reduces internal review and testing cycles, which means you can get into new markets faster.


Seamless Multi-Channel Delivery

Localizing a web app?  Sending product feeds to marketplaces? Got customer emails to send out? No worries.  With our OneLink API  you can easily leverage previously translated assets from OneLink to automatically translate resource files, offline content, or secure content without needing any additional complex software tools.  And since the translations are all stored in our integrated Translation Memory, repetitive content can be leveraged with no additional costs to you, instantly.


OneLink can take any website and deliver it to the world in as little as 30 days.

GlobalLink OneLink‘s patented cloud-based proxy technology solution is the easiest, quickest, and most user-friendly way to produce multilingual websites—in as little as 30 days. OneLink can take any website—from the most complicated and dynamic all the way down to the small and basic—and deliver it to the world.

OneLink is also the world’s most SECURE website localization solution. As the world’s first and only fully PCI DSS certified solution, owners of sites that transact business can rest comfortably knowing that customer data is protected by the highest recognized security standards. But don’t just take our word for it—over 2,000 sites use OneLink to power global content. And those clients know what it’s like to have this incredible technology handle all the complicated stuff while they sit back and watch how their global site metrics improve.

Let GlobalLink say NO for you

  • NO need to integrate with back-end systems
  • NO unnecessary burdens on IT and technical resources
  • NO source files required
  • NO copying and pasting
  • NO testing (on your side)
  • NO time-consuming manual project management
  • NO long website localization timelines

Like what you hear but looking to be a little more hands-on?

There’s a GlobalLink that’s right for you.

Any system.  Any requirement.  Any language.

We Know HowTM