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Copy Adaptation

The standard translation process aims to produce final text that matches the source language as closely as possible without changing the meaning. When advertising copy or other marketing language is involved, the priority shifts to maintaining the concepts, meaning, and significance of the source message, regardless of what text changes are required.

Taglines, headlines, and other creative marketing copy are often based on culturally dependent elements including idioms, puns, word play, insinuation, subtext, or rhymes in the source language. If translated directly into another language, these elements may not make sense, or worse, can be potentially offensive.

Our transcreation and copy adaptation services are led by an experienced project manager who works with a team of several linguists—each with a background in advertising, marketing or the most relevant subject area—to develop the most appropriate creative solution for the target market(s).

This is a collaborative process between us and the client. We will present the client with several options, each with a back translation and a detailed explanation of why specific words or phrases were chosen and what impact those choices will have in the target culture. Together, we will determine the best final language that we think will resonate with the target audience.


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