Welcome to the Future of
Globalization Management

Strong. Scalable. Simple.

Streamlined User Interface

GlobalLink 5.0’s user interface represents a whole new world in translation management. Originally developed to cater to the complex requirements of enterprise translation management, GlobalLink 5.0’s new UI has been updated to provide the same powerful functionality in a more elegant and intuitive experience.

We’ve rebuilt the entire interface to create a seamless user experience, with most primary translation management functions requiring only a few mouse clicks.

And since every user has different priorities, GlobalLink 5 offers the option of simple drag and drop configuration so that what’s most important to you is exactly what you see. From ad hoc submitters to enterprise translation managers, GlobalLink 5’s new UI makes translation simple, personal, and efficient.

Built from the Ground Up

Intuitive and Efficient Architecture

Drag and Drop Configuration


Supply-Chain Integrated

Coordinate Multiple

Manage Quotes, Approvals, and Workflows In One Place

Combine Internal Resources with External Vendors

Centralize Translation Memory

Translation management systems claiming they can work with multiple vendors is nothing new, but GlobalLink 5.0 truly gives new meaning to the term “Supplier Coordination”.

Not only can you work with the translation company of your choice, but you can manage quotes, approvals, and workflows all within the platform.

Your customizable vendor marketplace allows you to add and edit approved vendors, combine with internal translation teams, and centralize management of all the resources available to you. Vendors can even act as their own project managers, securely and easily adding their own users.

Enjoy improved terminology consistency across multiple resources, thanks to GlobalLink 5.0’s centralized server-based Translation Memory, which allows for optimal content leveraging, consistency, and cost savings, no matter which supplier you use.


Visual Workflow Modeling

  • Drag and Drop to Create Your Own Workflows
  • See Choices and Results in Real Time
  • Incorporate Contextual Intelligence to Automate Decision-Making

Ideal workflows come in many shapes and sizes, and creating custom workflows within TMS tools has historically been time-consuming and expensive. Until Now.

With GlobalLink 5.0, you can put your hands directly on your workflow architecture, customizing to your preferences and immediately seeing your choices on-screen, all thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface.

GlobalLink 5.0 workflows feature contextual intelligence, which routes submissions based on variables you determine, including file formats, word counts, or other metadata components.

What does this mean? You can set a single workflow to handle multiple scenarios with zero user interaction. GlobalLink 5.0 allows you to automate more elements of the translation process, covering more contingencies and special cases, than any other TMS.

See and Translate

One of the biggest challenges in translating digital content is the lack of context. Existing translation memory formats provide text strings absent any clues as to the end use or subject matter. GlobalLink 5.0 changes the game by providing the ability to both translate and review in-context.

So “spring” could be a season. Or a small flow of water. Or a thing that makes you bounce. Or the process of getting someone out of jail. Without context, translators have difficulty knowing which use case is correct. So they either have to guess, or investigate on their own, both of which can cause problems for your deliverable.

GlobalLink 5.0 offers in-context preview for the world’s leading CMS and e-commerce platforms, as well as most major file formats. Translators actually see and preview what the content will look like in its final location – on a webpage, in an application, etc. And since translation can expand or contract based on the target language, in-context preview can also predict issues with formatting or layout. All of this adds up to fewer translation errors, faster turnaround times, and quicker testing and QA stages. With in-context review, GlobalLink 5.0 literally springs ahead of the competition.

Integrate with Leading CMS and e-commerce Platforms Anticipate Formatting and Layout Issues Cut Editing and Testing Requirements


Unparalleled Integration


GlobalLink is the undisputed leader for integration in translation management with hundreds of clients seamlessly submitting and receiving global content from CMS, e-commerce, PIM, DAM and database systems . We have over 40 pre-built, off-the-shelf integrations ready to implement for you now – right this second.

Many translation management system platforms tout their integration capabilities, which often equate to “here’s a link to an FTP”. This drives almost no efficiency. Some might whip up a quick API for which you end up serving as an unwitting beta tester (good luck with that!).

GlobalLink 5.0 carries forward that spirit of friendliness and integration, thanks to our GlobalLink Connect technology that allows you to link to virtually any third-party system, and a flexible API that supports Java, PHP, .NET and Ruby on Rails, just in case you have something proprietary, even if it’s a little weird.

Thanks to GlobalLink 5.0, you can eliminate manual exports, copy/pasting, and desperate phone calls and emails to your IT department, and still get to market faster than ever before.


Instant Reporting

  • On-Demand Analytics
  • Total Supply-Chain Transparency

GlobalLink 5.0’s customizable enterprise reporting allows you to have complete transparency across your entire translation supply-chain. Instantly generate reports on elements such as total spend, translation memory leveraging, quality metrics, turnaround times, and more via the GlobalLink Report Portal module.

With multiple data points available at your fingertips, you can see performance metrics and statistics in real time, whether you want to sort by language, user, department, vendor, language, or any other key attribute. GlobalLink 5.0 also allows exporting of data into different file formats, helping you to make any organizational use case you need to make.

Flip the Translation Memory Script

Traditional TM-enabled models rely upon the archaic workflow of delivering content to translators. GlobalLink 5.0 turns this on its head, as we now bring the translators to the content.

With a goal of driving maximum content reuse across your organization, which lowers costs and maximizes consistency on faster turnaround times, GlobalLink 5.0 creates a collaborative, cloud-based environment that translators, both internal and external, access in real-time. With a single, up-to-the-second accurate repository of all previous translations, there has never been a more efficient and broadly impactful solution for employing translation memory.

And since we also know that many translators have different preferences for operating systems or browsers, and some even prefer to work on their desktop, even if a remote connection is unavailable, GlobalLink 5.0 offers maximum software compatibility, and even an offline translation mode.

Bring Translators to the Content (…not the other way around) Centralized, Cloud Based Translation Memory Ensure TM Assets Are Evolving, Updated, and Universally Used


Agile and Flexible Deployment Models

One of the founding missions of GlobalLink nearly two decades ago was to create a modular system that didn’t force buyers and users to install huge, monolithic applications just to use only a few features. It was a novel concept at the time, and GlobalLink 5.0 continues the innovation with a stack of modules that represent our most agile and flexible yet, once again setting the standard for customized and right-sized translation management solutions.

Or maybe you’re not sure what you want and just want us to tell you what works…so we offer different pre-configured options: GlobalLink Connect, GlobalLink Pro, and GlobalLink Enterprise, and we offer either a cloud-based or on-premise deployment to ensure that concerns around data security, accessibility, and convenience are addressed.

  • Modular System Lets You Choose What You Need
  • Grow or Shrink As Your Business Evolves
  • Incorporate New Systems and Software Easily

No-Brainer ROI

Pays for Itself
80% of Global Content Costs
are NON-Translation Spend
GlobalLink 5.0 Reduces Soft Costs by 60-70%

For every dollar (or euro or pound or yuan or whatever) that companies spend on translation, they spend 3-4 times that amount managing the process and resources associated with translation. Which means up to 80% of your overall global content costs are for sending emails, converting files, tracking projects, fixing formatting, testing, and managing the review process.

GlobalLink 5.0 takes care of all those manual tasks without a single ounce (or gram) of effort on your part. Most primary translation processes are set into motion with a single mouse click. Automatically submit and receive content from multiple systems. Parse complex files types into translation friendly formats. Track all of your projects from a single interface (even if you work with multiple vendors). Make it simpler for your reviewers to update content with visual context preview.
GlobalLink 5.0 makes life easy…and profitable.